Become a Coach and work from home

Solene Beachbody-1023 My story as a coach is totally gonna surprise you but I am actually excited to tell it because it is the truth and can be an inspiration for you and also you’ll get to know me better as well .

I became a coach for all kinds of different reasons about 2 years ago. I absolutely had no clue what I was doing and actually had started for all the wrong reasons!

Mostly selfish reasons unfortunately ! Sounds crazy , right?

I had been a customer for almost 8 years prior to joining as a coach. I absolutely loved every single programs that Beachbody had.

If you are looking to start a new path in your life, it is important to take the first step and I want to invite you to learn about the Beach Body coaching opportunity by watching this short demo video that will show you an overview of what we do and then click next below.

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