Press Release

Fitness enthusiast interviewed by Barbara Walters on the beautiful Amelia Island.

After living  in the FL keys for about 15 years, owning her own salon , engaged and ready to step into the natural flow of life of getting married and have children with her thought to be “soul mate”…suddenly her life changed.

Little did she know that less than 7 years later , she would be interviewed by one of the most popular interviewers in the United States!

“If someone had told me that then…I would have laughed at them.! I felt like my life was over , but yet ..I was on for a serious ride orchestrated by God and His big plan!”

If she was going to be interviewed , she wanted it to happen where she feels home and where she lives the peaceful life she always wanted surrounded by her loving and sweet husband Ryan and their 2 pets , Peanut the cat and Luke the Golden retriever .

” I wanted to share the southern comfort of our  home by the beach with Barbara Walters whom I admire and was so looking forward to meet! There is something about the South that is very welcoming and warming . Being raised in France , I never felt more comfortable and more at peace than in this part of the United States. I had to share this good hearted atmosphere with Barbara.”

When we arrived at her adorable beach house , we immediatly were welcomed by her loving and happy golden retriever Luke, wearing a cute red bandana around his neck, running towards us …ears flapping in the cool wind.

The crisp air of the morning is invigorating. It’s fall and everything is set for the perfect interview! She has us sitting on her comfortable patio on the wrap around porch of their beach house. Although it is decorated according to the fall season that she loves so much, her personality sparks through the bright oranges and deep blue cushions that are covering their  patio set.

She baked us some delicious pumpkin cookies to go with a smooth pumpkin spice almond milk latte that is her all times favorite….of course we are getting the healthy version of it !!

” Over the last 7 years I have traveled to many places. Initially relocated to the beautiful island of South California , Coronado that I literally discovered “by accident” when my GPS took me over the San Diego bridge for an interview .That is when you know God has a plan!

I loved everything about this place except one thing …somehow this beautiful place was missing something…the southern country style dear to my heart was nowhere to be found..”

Barbara Walters:” Why Amelia Island ?”

Solene: ” My best friend Dina whom I met at work on  my first day at the Hotel Del Coronado spa. (I was still pulling my moving trailer behind my car…it was hilarious…I used 4 parking spaces at the luxurious hotel to get to work the first week while staying in the cheapest hotel near by ..) . After 5 years of friendship..lots had happened to both of us in all these years ! One night while enjoying a glass of white wine , we started talking about a road trip that we coud do together . I wanted to go all the way to the East coast and  wanted to stop by Nashville TN and Charleston SC.That was my only “request”..

We both love the same type of places and knowing how much I loved the southern country beaches , she remembered hearing about Amelia Island . We planned on the trip for May 2016 and the rest is history! I then decided to go full blast with my fitness and health online marketing ”

Barbara Walters:” But you had been a hairstylist all these years , right ? How did you make that trip happen , did you quit your job right then in there ?

How did this career with online marketing started ?”

Solene: ” Well this was actually very hard for me to make the transition. The beliefs I had in myself were very small ,I “froze” myself to failure the first 2 years! Now that I am thinking about it , it is making me sick ..( Laughs).

Most my youth I was not necessarly encouraged or believed to do anything really big in the market place, so the idea of online marketing was extremely attractive but I had no Faith in myself to even try. I was so scared to fail that I spent almost 2 years “thinking about it ” and not taking real actions.

Failing would have “confirmed” me and some family people that I was not capable of doing it .

The turning point was when I started feeling lonely and “bored” in California..I loved living on the Island, loved my friends and all the outdoors activities I could do here but my love and passion for the hair business went away.

I was obsessed by the fitness coaching business I could do online and wanted to be free to travel anywhere , whenever I wanted and eventually relocate as I pleased.I wanted to meet my best friend , get married and have children and live this purposeful life  I had been craving all these years but nothing was happening because I was not happy on the inside.

Barbara Walters :” So what about the married life ? How did that happen?” How did you meet your husband ?

Solene: ” The way this happened is almost going to sound like a movie …Never in a milion years , would I have had imagined it to happen this way.

I had just met this  amazing girl Robin who was interested in getting in shape and was looking for new friends. She was on the verge of getting divorced and was also new in town.

She contacted me by responding to a free ad that i had to inspire people to get back on track with thier health and fitness.

We became really good friends and stated going out together.

On a particular night, it was already very late , we had played pool all evening long and were ready for a “last” drink..

That is when this handsome man came to me whaile I was trying ot get the bartendar’s attention and started a conversation.I immedialty felt dran to him because of his soft spoken voice. He seemed different .

He was from Jacksonville and was visiting friends and family . We talked all night and even met the next morning for coffee before he left.

We never lost touch and next thing you know I was flying to Jacksonville in January 2016! We spent a week together , fell in love and I was moving there May 2nd 2016! We got married the following September and are now expecting our first baby for Christmas.

How are the odds that my friend Dina had mentioned Amelia Island just a few month before that!

When God has a plan…He follows through!!

Barbara Walters: ” Wow …that is the most romantic story I have ever heard! It’s beautiful !

Now tell me more about the shift that happened for you to really dig into your home business! I wanna know everyhting!”

Solene : “A really good friend that I met on a success club trip of this particular Fitness company was on his own journey of finding true happiness again , and was working hard on re-creating his dream life after his was swept away just like mine .

We were paired for an excursion in Mexico and next thing you know , we’re best friends by the end of the day!

We stayed connected ever since that day and we started attending different personal development seminars together all over the country .

Some were great and some were totally a waste of our time and money but we would take advantage of the scenery and what that place had to offer and still enjoyed ourselves. One day , we left the seminar and went kayaking on the Austin Texas river.. ( lol).

He then introduced me to a very particular training he was doing . I had noticed a lot of changes in him, he was all of the sudden more focused, more driven and “balanced”.I first refused to join him because I was “done” with the spending and the traveling and felt like I was chasing a dream that was not for me.

I was lacking of Belief and Faith after 2 years of seminars …believe it or not…

All this work of almost a year brought us both to the ultimate self discovery and define life purpose trainign of all times ! MKMMA!

After starting the MKMMA training, I realized that I had everything in me to succeed. All I had to do was to focus on my purpose and dreams ,  make a plan , and work for it !

The amazing training I got through taught me to BELIEVE and to LOVE .Love everyone and myself , every single day , every single struggle was to take me to the next level. I realized I was the one in charge ! In charge of my thougths , in charge of what I was dwelling on and in charge of my bright future that I deserved.

I had never felt so sure that ME TOO , could achieve ANYTHING I desired in my heart.

I wanted to live in the south …If I wanted be married , have a baby and be financially free working from home, then I HAD TO MAKE THE CHANGE AND MAKE IT HAPPEN !

I put on my big girl’s pants and I  FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS!

The accountability that this training gave me , pushed me out of my comfort zone big time , but yet each day took me closer to my dream!!

They taught me how to build my own website , how to use the internet to build my business, and most importantly, they taught me how to control what I was going to focus on and bring to life. I never knew I was my only obstacle!

Thanks to MKMMA , I am now living the american dream !”

Barbara Walters :” How does it feel to have accomplished “the impossible”?

Solene:” It feels amazing !! I get up in the morning with my best friend next to me , I live in the cottage style homy house I always dreamed of and my Faith is stronger than ever .

My heart grew bigger during this process of self discovery. I have so much love to give to my husband and our children ( he’s got 2 already plus ours) , I am happy but also can feel how happy they are too !! What makes me truly feel like i am making a difference is by sharing what I leanred during my own struggles , emotional pains  betrayals and low self esteem that I was carrying since childhood. Having leanred how to make  the shift , the complete turn around and be happier than when I thought I was happy….felt incredible!  I was now able to help others believe in themselves and explain how our “crazy devilish mind” works and can destroy us one day at a time , one word at a time, one memory at a time…I describe it as the devil inside …Listen to God instead , go find His truth in the bible and get back on track with the happy life you are supposed to live! We all deserve it !

I now spend most my days guiding friends, famly and customers , whoever I meet ..and help them go towards their own new life filled with Joy and fulfillment .

Everyhting I learned and went through were true blessings. God was carving me and making me strong so I could pay it forward and help others.

I am forever grateful to Brodi , my friend who believed in me before I believed in myself.I would have never succeeded without him and his inspiration.

I know will always be friends , no matter how far we live from each other .We both learned from the same source and are living our lives paying it forward.

Thank you MKMMA for what you do for us !

I always keep my promises.”