Meet me here!

Hello and welcome to my blog!!
My name is Solene Huchon and although I am originally from France , I made America my home for over 22 years.I started my journey in Key West FL and now I live in south California and loving it !
I am a huge fan of fitness and healthy eating and I am happy you are here because I am sure we struggle with the same things!
Being french , most people assume that I was born thin and that I never have to workout and can eat whatever I want and be just fine..
I would love this to be true but unfortunately it is not..
I grew up chubby and never worked out a day in my life until I move to this country! I was always self conscious my body ( my legs especially..and although my brother used to say I had cellulite on my arms…I was not bothered with I was just laughing).
My Mom never thought exercise was that important for girls…I don’t understand why but that is how it was…I would be dressed up like a doll, and being active…to her meant being a ” tumboy” and not what girls I did not…
But I ate a lot …Lucky me I had the most loving God Mother as a sitter and during the weekends…and several times a week..I would go over to relax and eat myself to chubby!
Literally I can say that America SAVED me ! I moved to the Florida Keys at 17 and started shrinking and toning my body with healthy eating and exercise !
I created this blog to connect and reach out to people that don’t believe they can achieve great health and feeling amazing about themselves. Not to only be great looking , I mean ..REALLY HEALTHY  all around!
Feeling energized when they get up in the morning, enjoying everyday activities without pain or discomfort ( lifting groceries , carrying their kids, going up and down the stairs…etc..) .
Enjoying doing their workout instead of dragging it …eating healthy without feeling deprived…you know what I’m talking about ?
Not to mention getting off medication like high blood pressure , cholesterol and other stuff that are counteracting each other and not treating the disease at its source..which is usually a lack of healthy eating and exercise.
But don’t worry…I’m not gonna make you do 100 push ups or start training for a marathon..but little by little , I will help you change your eating habits and motivate you to realize what being healthy means.
You only have one body, when it does not work right can’t just go buy a new one ..
You have to work on it a little everyday , feeding it right and preserve it like it’s gold…because in all honesty…it is GOLD!!
I am here to help you see the gold underneath the ” cement”, the physical cement and the emotional cement that is keeping you from achieving your deepest goals and dreams.
Talk to you soon and don’t forget to “LIKE”  my Fan page to see my daily food post !