Week 6 of my MKMMA experience

This is gonna sound crazy to you maybe …I did not believe it myself when I first started this training …Everything they said would happen is actually happening !!

It is absolutely true that everything starts with a thought! Success starts with a thought ..Once you believe that you can achieve a certain level , a certain goal whether it is physical, financial or maybe emotional …

The universe puts into place for you …and by the universe ..i mean your own mind..your subconcious is the motor of it all!

After reading the same old chapter 2 to 3 times a day …( we are supposed to read it 3 times a day …yes..I missed a few after lunch reading sessions…lol)

…OG Mandino makes a lot of sense and those scrolls and words and phrases are literally sinking into my brain.

Those beautiful words are the truth and what is sad is that we tend to live life ignoring those amazing and loving principles.

If we were to pay attention o our surroundings, loving people for who they are whether they’re like us or not …whether they’re rich or poor…without judgement being able to appreciate every single human being would make this world perfect !

I have to say to say that now that I am consciously making the effort to appreciate and respect everyone ,

I have attracted myself new jobs opportunities in the fitness world that I love so much , in a resort that can transfer me wherever I wanna go which is ironically what I was looking for as I planning to move back to the east coast next year and “wiggle” myself away from the hair business so I can fully focus on my fitness and nutrition coaching …!

A month ago all this was still inexistant in my life…

All you have to do is believe and work towards your dream, believe , speak LIFE into your brain and your subconcious and universe will provide the means for you.

Enjoy your new life and blessings to come !

I always keep my promises



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