Week 5 of my Masterkey Mastermind Alliances Training Experience

It is hard to describe what is “happening” in my head right now but all I know is that everything I read each day is slowly changing me and going deeper into my “other” mind…..

Ever since the first day ,we have been learning about the power of our thoughts. The science behind our subconscious and our active and mysterious mind took a while to sink in and quite honestly …I was wondering to myself :” Do you really need to do this”…This is taking a lot of time that you could be spending on building your business or spend time with your friends…”

This is very true but as the amazing book we are reading says :”The few moments spent each day on this new habit are but a small price to pay for the happiness and success that will be mine.” OG Mandino “The Greatest Salesman in the World”.

I recommend this book to anyone ! I gave up on the “hilighting” process because the entire book would be yellow if I was to hilight everything that speaks to me..!

I am learning more about myself than ever before and mostly, I am aware of my own faults and my wrong thinking that I have been doing all these years.No wonder I was “failing”..

I am loving the trasnformation within that it’s creating little by little , one day at a time, one line at a time and one lesson at a time.

It’s incredible what writing a letter to ourselves ,as if we were already living it , can do to the mind.Today we had to write a press release…It may sound crazy to you just as it would soun to me had I not been on this course for now 5 weeks but writing this interview of myself and describing where it happened , responding to questions with so much details on how I achieved my dreams and goals really felt real and extremely easy to do.

I know now that all I have to do …is TAKE ACTIONS and JUST DO IT NOW!! My future lays in the palm of my hands. I CAN BE WHO I WILL TO BE.

I never believed that it would actually work but it changes my daily activities. I know I can do better  and am determined to give it my whole self this coming week . I am taking this training very seriously and know that my life and dreams depend on my commitment to the daily requirements.

I am so grateful for  the awareness that it is bringing to me.


~I always keep my promises..~

Solene H.



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