Week 4 Master Keys Mastermind Alliances

How to start…?

This week has been very overwhelming yet very interesting…I have to admit, I had not been very “religious” about my reading and about my exercises on week 3 ,so guess what ??!! Week 4 turned out to be a “disaster”.

I could lie and pretend I did everything I was supposed to do but I won’t because I would not be honest with myself nor with you who are now reading this..

It’s hard to change habits , all those bad habits we need to get rid of and replace with new ones in order to achieve NEW  results!

We tend to easily go back to the famous “old ways” very quickly but this is why this is amazing because it shows how important it is to follow directions and keep doing it until it becomes second nature

My life suddenly was a mess …I had started week 1 and 2 really strongly and started to have a good balance . My ego must have taken over as well as my old “Blue Print”..those 2 are so hard to get rid of ! That hard damn old cement is a hard one to crack isn’t it ??

Well , I realized that after struggling quite a bit this week making decisions, getting tired with an overload of unnecessary tasks , not being patient with my puppy…procrastinating on my own workout which is usually something I enjoy..etc…

I realized it was time to put on my big girl’s pants, get to work and especially keep them on until the end of the course !

Like one of my favorite trainer says during a workout is :” Don’t quit , the only person you’re quitting on is yourself , don’t cheat, the only person you’re cheating on is yourself”.

This is so true ! So Yesterday was extremely productive and exciting for me as I started going over week 1 and 2 and am determined to go over week 3 and 4 and finish strong this month of October !

I am grateful for the Master key System and how it is changing me on a daily and weekly basis.I know deep in my heart that I am the only limit to my successful life , my subconscious and my old blueprint are both soon to be transformed .

I am embracing all the changes happening , I am experiencing all kinds of different feelings everyday which keeps me alert and aware of the mental changes that this training is creating.

My new life has already started , the snow ball started rolling ..it’s rolling slowly but wait till the momentum takes off!!

I would love to invite you to experience the same self discovery as it will change your life as it is changing mine !





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