Well…I have to say this was a hell of a week…I had grown so much in the first 2 weeks of this amazing training on how to discover our true selves…I was doing the daily reading , the daily tasks dedicated to my business growth and all of the sudden …

…week 3 hit me like a rock..!

I think that reading through the scrolls of this amazing book ” The greatest salesman in the world” by OG Mandino..stirred up some serious crap back to the top of my head…to the conscious part of my brain..Reading over and over the same 4 pages hit me differently almost every time..

Sometimes when we read something , we miss a passage or we miss a point that is made because we just go over the text without but really focusing and absorbing the content.

Never would I have realized how much my life was cluttered with “stuff ” and “cement” as much as I realized on week 3. It feels like I had one body with multiple faces…I was trying to be and do every thing people would suggest to me according to what they thought I wanted to do..You know why?

I had no clue who I was anymore , no clue what I wanted in life ,no clue what I wanted to do for a living and I actually ended up being the laziest person ever …!!

Oh yeah I was busy …always busy, busy -busy -busy , in fact ..I was exhausted all the time but yet was going broke and going in every direction possible except towards my God giving  gifts and paths.

I now believe that I was doing everything I could to avoid working on my home business because i did not believe in myself and that I could achieve success with something else than the hair business.

I had been told at a young age by my brother that our parents would have to send me to beauty school because I would not be smart enough to do anything else , a job that does not require too much of a brain .

I ended up doing it but also succeed ! owning my own salon and making amazing money ! But when i sold it and started all over in a different state , i found myself down again, going broke and the feeling of being a failure rose up again.

Wanting to start something new and in a whole new territory like the online marketing was a dream but yet out of reach…I all of the sudden remembered …”You can’t succeed at this ..! Computers ? online marketing skills ? are you fooling yourself ? Just keep doing hair , or if you like fitness… be a trainer ! you’re good at “hands on” ..but not for that kind of computer stuff..!!”

So I procrastinated and wasted 3 years professionally and also on the personal side bit giving my time and heart to the wrong people.

I can’t believe that those past 3 years were filled with in-decisions, confusion , emotional stress ,unbelief in myself , feeling of not being good enough  and somehow “another betrayal”..

The proof that what we think , believe and surround ourselves with becomes reality faster than we realize..

Although this week brought me down a bit because it made me realize all the wasted time, energy , useless relationships and useless jobs , it also pushed me to reach out and make the changes !

I already got rid of one part time job to replace it with 2 days in an upscale place where I can make my time and expertise to the test and make twice the income, so I can relax and focus on my online business and finally work towards my financial freedom!

Planning a road trip and definitely planning on succeeding with my “hard to believe career in the fitness and health via the internet” !!!

Cheers to crating new lives by changing your belief system !




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