Who knew that week 2 would be slightly overwhelming …! But yet having an amazing impact in my life already!

I realized that the time spent on this personal revelation and self discovery is majorly important for my future.If we I don’t make the commitment now …I will never have the time to improve my life before it ends and will never experience ultimate happiness and balance!

I am really loving the “mind” switch that this is creating in my brain …it is actually quite hard to imagine that in the near future I will be thinking completely differently and living the life I truly am currently dreaming off !

As most people , I never took a minute to try to figure out what was going through my mind, my beliefs and what was controlling my thoughts and as a result..was controlling my life.

I am a pretty happy person on regular basis but did not realize that I had ALL the potential needed already inside of me to create my own destiny!

Did you know that it is available to you as well?

We all have a gift and we all have talents that we fail to use and share with the world. We are conditioned to live a certain way, have a certain job ( with a security) …follow what everyone else is doing so we can all fit…yet we all lose a part of us in there and most our creativity

If we knew we could not fail …I think we would all go for the dream job we have been wanting.

Over the years we forgot who we are , what we truly want and for that reason ..we are not pushing and working towards these dreams anymore..all of the sudden everything seems impossible and not achievable..or at least not for us..

I have to admit that the daily reading can be hard at times… I admit that I missed a few mid day readings due to unexpected work appointments  but although I have missed a few …it has already changed my way of thinking and my daily activities.

I now don’t procrastinate as much and am convinced that if I keep going in the same direction, never giving up on my dreams and business goals , I will eventually reach my own success.

You can reach yours too ! just stop for a minute , look at your life , feel and think about the changes you would like to make and make the decision to shoot for it .

It is already in you as it is in me and together we can all reach our personal success goals .




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