More Energy without the Supplements ..!

Are you feeling exhausted all the time ?

You may be lacking of Magnesium!

According to an article published in the fitness magazine Oxygen , you could be suffering from magnesium deficiency, which is often called the “invisible deficiency” by experts because it is hard to recognize and diagnose.

Recent studies have shown that only 1 in 4 adults gets their recommended amount of daily magnesium,which is 310 mg for women.

Surprisingly, it may be what you are eating , RATHER what you are not eating that is putting you at risks.

High intake of caffeinated beverages,alcohol and refined sugar can interfere with your body’s absorption of the magnesium .

While magnesium supplement can provide a boost, it should only be taken under the direction of a doctor.

Excessive magnesium from supplement could put your heart at risk. Your best bet is to get magnesium from whole foods, such as spinach, nuts and beans:magnesium-awesome-foods

Here is a list of Top Magnesium food sources:

-Almonds ( 1oz) -80 mg / -Cashews 1 oz -74 mg  / -Peanuts 1 oz -63 mg

-Spinach , cooked 1/2 cup -78 mg

-Cereal ,Shredded wheat  2 large biscuits -61 mg / -Breads , whole wheat , 2 slices -46 mg

-Black Beans , cooked 1/2 cup- 60 mg        -Edamame , cooked 1/2 cup -50 mg

-Avocado , cubed 1 cup -44 mg

-Potato , baked with the skin 3.5 oz -43 mg

-Brown rice , cooked 1/2 cup -42 mg

-Yogurt , plain and low fat 8 oz -42 mg.


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